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Before we start with 'how often should you clean your salon,' imagine this - You went to a popular hair salon or spa for a self-pampering session. But, you soon got distracted by the visible dirt and accumulated dust on their furniture and equipment. It can be quite disappointing and awful for the brand's reputation, isn't it?

Now, imagine this is the experience of one of your clients visiting your hair salon. Dreadful, wouldn't it be?

Sure, there are other important things to pay attention to in a hair salon, but hair salon cleaning is definitely one of them.

If you agree with what was discussed above, scroll down more to find out how frequently you should clean your salon and maintain proper hygiene.

How Frequently Do You Need Salon Cleaning - Daily OR Weekly?

So, how often should you clean your salon? Well, the answer to this depends on a few factors. Some of these are:

  • The size and layout of your salon
  • The kind of services you offer
  • The number of clients visiting daily
  • How much traffic is there in your salon

Regular salon cleaning - Given these factors, cleaning the salon every day (at least once a day) is advised if you're operating a high-traffic salon or spa. This includes wiping down surfaces with disinfectants and sweeping/mopping floors. Regular salon cleaning will ensure that your clients get a pleasant experience in your salon each time they visit.

At least once a week - If you have a smaller salon (with fewer clients visiting each day) and offer basic services, cleaning the salon at least once a week is advised. This should include dusting, vacuuming carpets, mopping floors and washing windows. It's also important to regularly sanitize all tools and equipment to prevent the spread of any bacteria or diseases.

It is also important to mention that cleaning a salon can be done by someone other than the salon staff. You can hire professional salon cleaners like SGW Cleaning Services, experienced in caring for a salon's hygiene and cleanliness since 1995. This will help you save time and effort in cleaning your salon properly.

If You Are Tight With Budget, Consider This Salon Cleaning Tip

As a rule of thumb, hair salons and spas should be cleaned at least once every three days to maintain hygiene.

However, if you are tight on budget and need more than professional cleaners every week, focusing only on your salon's 'high-touch areas' is advised. These 'high-touch areas' include door handles, light switches, chairs, counters etc.

Ensure to clean these areas with a disinfectant or sanitizing solution. This will help reduce the spread of germs and bacteria in your salon.

Easy Salon Cleaning Hack Every Salon Owner Should Know

So, to make hair salon cleaning easier and more effective, here are some hacks that you should keep in mind:

  • Invest in quality tools and equipment like mops, dusters, and vacuum cleaners. 
  • Make sure that the cleaning products are safe for humans and the environment.
  • Have a checklist to cover all the areas while cleaning.
  • Delegate daily cleaning tasks to salon staff to manage everything properly.
  • Use natural solutions to clean your salon (e.g., lemon juice or baking soda).
  • For tough stains or grime, use specific cleaning products specifically formulated for that purpose.
  • Keep dustbins in all corners of the salon so that it is easier to dispose of waste without carrying it around.
  • Have a separate room for laundry/cleaning supplies to be easily accessible when needed.
  • Have mats at the entrance of your salon to prevent dirt and dust from entering.
  • Lastly, ensure all staff wear gloves while cleaning to prevent skin irritation or allergies.


These are some of the factors that determine how often you should clean your salon. Moreover, if you still need help figuring out how to keep your salon in good condition to attract more customers, we have some professional hair salon cleaning experts at the rescue.

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